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Let's browse without blocked from your school, college or workplace with Us.

About Proxy

The Proxy word comes from the Latin Language: Proximus, which means close. What is a proxy? A proxy is a computer system like a mask your computer when connected to the internet so that your website has been blocked can be accessed.

There may be people who want to access youtube, hotmail, facebook etc.. but can not be accessed by that computer or from the internet provider. or there may want to access a particular website without wanting to be known by others. all it can do by using a proxy.

There are many free proxy web sites that we can use. but there are also problems caused that many popular web sites are also blocked by a company or government school. but if you find one proxy that can open up a very good website, you will be able to click on every link on the page that is already open, begin to browse at will.

There are various ways to use the proxy, making it easier for us to use it. for example if we want to use a proxy IP number which is housed in the USA, others think that we are in the USA. but there is also a proxy which only use one to share a single website like www.our-proxy.info so that we can directly browse as usual.

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